Wednesday, June 24, 2009

bellas bag - my interpretation for twilight longing for new moon swap

i made this bag for my partner in the twilight longing for new moon swap 8 on craftster :D
it took a while to make i made my own pattern. hope you enjoy

the bag bella has in the movie.

my interpretation..........

its thick brown cordroy with blue stitching and blue silk interiour with metal rings.
thanks for looking :D

Sunday, June 14, 2009

frustrated about market stalls........

im so frustrated trying to find somewhere i can have a market stall nearby that wont cost me over 50$ and where i dont have to have 10,000,000 insurance covering both public and product liability, like seriously? what the fuck do they expect from new to the crafty buisness world people? seriously im not gunna take out insurance to do one market stall just to see how it goes!! fucking wankers! grrrrrrrrrrr

Thursday, June 11, 2009

first attempt at resin - went well suprisingly

these are my first resin items!!! im so proud i used ice cube trays and casting and embedding resin from bunnings. im going to turn them into pendants and rings!!! ohh i forgot to write i used twilight conversation hearts and skull candy and cupcake heart decos!!! i embeded bails in them too

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a few of the thing i have made.........

elephant themed baby gift basket, most things were handmade

rose necklace

leopard dice nipple pasties

bibs and birpcloths

pram quilt

diaper bag
diaper bag inside
jasper and birdy necklace

hand stenciled and outlined cullen crest jordy bag

pink clonisone rosary

tigers eye tree of life pendant

a few new pretty things....

i made a few new things today, including my first go at resin, i can unmould them in 24 hours lol... i hate waiting for thing!!
anyway here are some pics of my eraser pendantsmmm icecream
love & a sandwhich
my fave that im keeping, theres 12 different ones all up

you can see the rest in my craftster posts :D

and back to the resin.........
i decided on playing with resin because i wanted a way of keeping my twilight conversation hearts that i received in the twilight rnd 7 swap on craftster from the awesome suzief00 :D it was the only way i could think of preserving them, and people have embeded them in resin with no problem before so i thought maybe i can do it and do it well... lol we will see 6pm tommorow night lol. i also embedded some skull candies and heart cake decos and added gitter to the final layer. i hope it all works out, i still have alot of convo hearts left if it didnt, so fingers crossed!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

where i want to be for my first selling attempt...........

i was sitting around last night thinking about how many items i want ready before i sell, i was thinking maybe 25 necklaces and 30 pairs of earrings, and 10 - 15 bib and burp cloth sets, so that gives me quite a few things to work on. i am currently working on business cards, packaging and small promotional items and helping a friend out with hers as well.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My first post - popping my blogs cherry

This blog is about me and my crafting adventures. i will soon be trying out selling my wares at a market stall with a friend. this site will contain pictures of the things i make and the occasional tutorial. this blog will also contain other arty adventures such as photography, sewing and cooking.

I love making jewelery and have been doing so for around two months, i love making it so much i now have a permanently calloused finger which is always getting caught in the pliers lol.

i love using all sorts of mediums from crystals to plastic, enameled beads and semi precious stones. i love most any kind of jewelery but i mostly make only sterling silver. i make alot of earrings yet i cannot wear them because i have 16mm tunnels in both ears. i love rosary beads and try to make as many as i can but they are time consuming and quite expensive.

my jewelery style is quite diverse, from skulls to sea shells to twilight themed pieces. i love lockets and cameos, and picture frame jewelery.

im beginning to delve into wire wrapping, but i seem to just stab myself and bleed on my craft table when i do, most of my pieces are OAK (one of a kind) and will not be remade unless someone begs me.

i will also be delving into making matching jewelery sets and pasties set.

thanks for reading and i look forward to all comment and criticism along the way.

love Ruby Blue