Monday, June 1, 2009

My first post - popping my blogs cherry

This blog is about me and my crafting adventures. i will soon be trying out selling my wares at a market stall with a friend. this site will contain pictures of the things i make and the occasional tutorial. this blog will also contain other arty adventures such as photography, sewing and cooking.

I love making jewelery and have been doing so for around two months, i love making it so much i now have a permanently calloused finger which is always getting caught in the pliers lol.

i love using all sorts of mediums from crystals to plastic, enameled beads and semi precious stones. i love most any kind of jewelery but i mostly make only sterling silver. i make alot of earrings yet i cannot wear them because i have 16mm tunnels in both ears. i love rosary beads and try to make as many as i can but they are time consuming and quite expensive.

my jewelery style is quite diverse, from skulls to sea shells to twilight themed pieces. i love lockets and cameos, and picture frame jewelery.

im beginning to delve into wire wrapping, but i seem to just stab myself and bleed on my craft table when i do, most of my pieces are OAK (one of a kind) and will not be remade unless someone begs me.

i will also be delving into making matching jewelery sets and pasties set.

thanks for reading and i look forward to all comment and criticism along the way.

love Ruby Blue

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